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Never Clean Your Gutters Again

Summer Special!
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Gutter Helmet is the best leaf guard in the world and will keep your gutters clean forever without using a leaf filter that needs to be cleaned off several times every year. We are a locally owned family business with a history of providing great home improvement products and services to residents of the Kentucky and Southern Indiana area(s) since 1981. 


Trusted Years


Among Gutter Guard Companies


Design Patents


Happy Customers


Gutters, Gutter Helmet Gutter Guards, Downspouts, & Other Home Improvement Services Across Kentucky and Southern Indiana!!

Don't Forget the Gutter Protection!!

Transferrable Warranty

When installing Gutter Helmet over your new or existing gutters you will NEVER HAVE TO CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS OUT AGAIN! This type of system with its LIFETIME TRANSFERRABLE WARRANTY and guaranteed service policy, will truly keep your gutters protected and also completely free flowing, which means leaves, twigs, or other debris never get trapped in your gutters again. 

Protection System

Gutter Helmet by Classic in Louisville, KY is the only company that can professionally install the Gutter Helmet gutter protection system giving you a complete peace of mind knowing your gutters are always clean. You also, never again, have to worry about standing on an unsafe, shaky, dangerous ladder to clean out those gutters and keep them free flowing.

Gutter Installation

If your home needs new gutters installed, there are many things you need to consider, why not consult a professional who will help you plan what you need and then install them? GUTTER HELMET BY CLASSIC can also help you decide if you need to install a gutter protection system, like Gutter Helmet, on your gutters, it can be installed over existing gutters or along with new ones.

Stay Off the Ladder

No matter what you decide, it is usually much better to hire a professional to install your new gutters for you. This will ensure that your gutters are installed properly the first time and KEEP YOU OFF THAT DANGEROUS LADDER!!


"Excellent representative; excellent and quick service. It has completely stopped the "waterfall" over the front and back of our gutters on our home. Could not be more pleased and have sent information to our new neighbors in this new 55+ TOA community."

Maureen - Louisville

I was very pleased with Gutter Helmet installer. He explained how he would proceed with installation and let me know when he was done. He was excellent! I already have recommended Gutter Helmet to neighbors.

Mike - Jeffersonville, IN

Very satisfied with the investment. We spent money on other gutter guards and we got what we paid for. The guards were clogged within 6 months and caused water damage. We have had 3 heavy rains since our Gutter Helmets were installed and they work great. Wish I would have purchased Gutter Helmets years ago.

Melissa - Evansville, IN

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