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Vinyl Siding and Soffits

The siding on your home protects the structure. While keeping your home dry and preventing rot, it also enhances the appearance of your home to make it more attractive. You need to keep the siding in excellent condition, and that can require a great deal of maintenance if you have wood. However, you can simplify your life and enjoy a fresh look by investing in vinyl siding and soffits.

Vinyl siding is available in dozens of colors. Whether you are drawn to a pale blue or an earthy tan, you can find the perfect shade for your home in vinyl. The colors are durable and fade resistant, so you won't have to worry about the color changing after a few years.


Improve Curb Appeal in Kentucky and Southern, IN

How your house looks matters. Faded paint, peeling paint, and damaged siding make your house unattractive. It looks neglected, and people will assume that the neglect extends throughout the interior of your home. With vinyl siding, you can trust that your house will always look great. If it gets dirty in a storm, you can clean it easily with a pressure washer.

Eliminate the Bi-annual Expense

With wood or Masonite siding, you have to repaint the house every two to three years. You might think that you can wait a little longer between painting, but you will wind up with more work. The additional scraping that will be required if you wait too long will cost you an incredible amount of time, or you will have to pay a contractor extra to take care of it.


Whether you do the work yourself or pay a team to handle it, painting the house is an investment of time and money. Doing it yourself can take days, and paying someone can cost well over a thousand dollars. Imagine going through this every two to three years. Now imagine having vinyl siding that will never require painting.


Maintain the Right Look

You may have held onto the wood because you love how it looks. However, you don't have to surrender the look you love to get a maintenance-free product. Vinyl is now available in incredible options that look like wood. From cedar shake shingles to gingerbread-style half-round siding and even hand-split shake shingles, you can maintain the look you love while eliminating the extra work.

Improve Insulation

There is one final benefit of vinyl siding that you may not have considered. Older homes are often lacking in insulation. Adding insulation to finished walls is difficult, but it's easier when you have the siding replaced. With the old wood siding removed, you can invest in having insulation blown into the walls. The plugs will be neatly hidden behind your new siding. You can also invest in having insulating foam boards installed beneath the vinyl to improve the insulation in your home.

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